One of our partners in Peru, Mountain Lodges of Peru, has set up its own NGO to support the local community. Its latest project is a reforestation project, on which it collaborates with SERNAP, the Peruvian national park service.

The first 50,000 trees were planted on December 10th, 2019 at an event hosted by Yanapana, Mountain Lodges’ NGO. Trees are of vital importance in the upper mountain regions, as they stabilize the soil, thus preventing erosion. They plan to extend the initiative to the Lares region as well.

They are planning to establish a greenhouse in the Huacahuasi region as a nursery for tree seedlings to be supplied to other reforestation initiatives in the region while generating a sustainable income for local villagers.

This is a great example of how eco-tourism can benefit local communities and help to restore or preserve eco-systems.