Chile - Trekking

Chile has many National Parks and protected areas that are an absolute hiker’s dream! Pride of place, not just within Chile, but in the world, of course, takes Torres del Paine National Park in the deep Sout of Patagonia. The iconic granite towers are beyond impressive, even though they are not that high, compared with other Andean peaks. The Lake District also has many amazing areas for hiking, and the region is in the process of becoming a vital link in a biological corridor of protected areas, which will also inaugurate the country’s longest long-distance hiking trails. Watch this space! Another area that is amazing as far nature experience is concerned, is the Atacama desert, far up north.- This is a region of stark beauty and intense colours. in this area of Chile, you should only hike with an experienced guide.

Magical Mt Fitzroy (Argentina)

Mt Fitzroy is the most iconic mountains of the Glaciares National Park in Southern Patagonia. This is a short 4d/3n itinerary is a short trek to the base of the massive with one-night camping at the Poincenot base camp. It is a moderately difficult hike that requires endurance, in the spectacular scenery of the fabulous Los Glaciares National Park. The other two nights are at a hosteria in El Chalten. The itinerary starts in Puerto Natales, with a transfer to El Chalten, and ends in El Calafate. It is an ideal extension for a hiking tour of Torres del Paine.

Trekking the wondrous Torres del Paine National Park

This short 5d/4n trekking itinerary is a self-guided tour, although a guide will meet you to brief you on the itinerary. This is not the classic W trek, but rather an exploration of the Lago Grey area. It includes a navigation on Lago Grey and a choice of either kayaking or hiking on the first day in the park. On the second day, you will do a self-guided hike to gardener pass. This is a long and demanding trek, but well worth it for the views. The nights in Torres del Paine are spent at Refugio Grey. Trekkers must be fit and have a good endurance level.

Granite peaks and eternal ice

This short 4d/3n hiking itinerary lets you enjoy some of the highlights of the legendary Torres del Paine National Park. Starting in Punta Arenas you will be transferred to Puerto Natales and from there to Lago Grey. A boat ride takes you across the lake with great views of glacier grey.  Once at the pier of Lago Grey refuge, you start your trek along the lakeshore to Paine Refuge in the center of the park, where you will spend the night. On the following day, you will continue trekking to the park’s southern administration office, where you will take a bus back to Puerto Natales. The following day you will take a public bus back to Punta Arenas.



Trekking Torres del Paine

This is the most complete circuit of Torres del Paine that we offer as a self-guided hike. It is a 7d/6n itinerary that follows the route of the classic W trek. Starting with an exploration of Lago Grey, you will trek to Lake Pehoe at the center of the park. The following day you will be heading up the French Valley, a spectacular hike where you will find yourself surrounded by massive granite walls and hanging glaciers. Once you return to the shores of Lake Nordenskjöld the trail continues to Refugio Los Cuernos. The following day will be long and demanding as you trek up to the base of the iconic towers. On your last day at the National Park, you will trek back down Ascensio Valley to the Las Torres Lodge, where you will board a public bus back to Puerto Natales. The following day you will take another public bus that will take you back to Puerto Natales (or El Calafate, if you are planning on extending your travels to the Los Glaciares National Park.)


Eco-Camp Adventures

The Eco-Camp is a semi-permanent installation in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park. Instead of in tents or lodges, guests stay in geodesic domes that range from basic to very comfortable. It is a unique place to stay within this magical National Park. They offer a fully inclusive program that lets you choose from 3 activities each day, ranging from easy to moderate or difficult. Most of the activities involve some walking, but they also offer some mountain bike excursions as well as the classic Lago Grey navigation. Which adventures will be available will depend on the days of your stay, as the schedule of activities rotates each day. This is a great, and close to nature experience, which nevertheless provides for all your creature comforts.

Northern Patagonia – Mallin Colorado

On the shores of Lago General Carrera we find a beautiful little eco-lodge, Mallin Colorado. During a 4d/3n all-inclusive package stay, you can explore all the highlights of the area – the famous marble cave, hiking to the trails of Mallin Colorado, or the Exploradores glacier. Very comfortable country-style log-cabins offer the perfect base in this great location, with superb views of the lake and the snow-capped mountains beyond.

Trekking Cerro Castillo (Aysen)

The first and last night of this 5d/4n hiking and camping adventure, are spent at a hotel in Coyhaique. For the rest of the time, we will be hiking in the Cerro Castillo National Park, camping at two different campsites along the way. This is a great short hiking trip for those who love rugged outdoor adventures and camping in beautiful natural settings. This is an itinerary for strong hikers, who have a good endurance level and overall fitness. This itinerary is available from October to March.

Atacama – trekking and kayaking under the desert sky

This 5d/4n trekking experience takes you right out into the altiplanic desert. You will be trekking at high altitude in the Nevado Tres Cruces National Park before transferring to the coastal Pan de Azúcar National Park. The nights are spent camping under the unpolluted desert sky – an experience that you will never forget, with the stars so plentiful and so close, you can almost touch them, or so it seems. The itinerary not only includes some trekking but also some sea kayaking and offers great nature and wildlife experiences.

Atacama Adventures

This short 4d/3n active adventure is a lodge based in the popular town of San Pedro de Atacama. From here we explore the surrounding highlights of the region, such as the valley of the moon, Pukara de Quitor, the Quebrado de Diablo, Machuca and the Rio Grande on a mountain bike, horseback and on foot. This is a great way to experience the Atacama desert in an active way. Some of the trekking will be at high altitude, but as we are staying at a lodge in town, you don’t have to carry any gear, except for your daypack.