Hiking in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are a fantastic hiking destination. Rugged and charming, wild and yet, marked by history. From the lush, green hills of the Basque Country, to the dramatic high peaks and tarns of the Pyrenees National Park, to the rugged and dry hills that eventually slope down to the vineyards that frame the Mediterranean – there is so much to discover. But no matter where you start or how much or how little time you have available, it will always be rewarding.

Collioure to Cadaques – a Mediterranean Dream

A fabulous coastal walk along the more secret parts of the Mediterranean Coastal Walk. Collioure, the sparkling gem of the Coast Vermeille, with its fortressed harbor and colorful, bohemian atmosphere, has long been a favorite destination for those seeking the more romantic and less glitzy version of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The trail meanders south and over into Spain along the rugged Coast and through the coastal hills, offering a full spectrum of contrasts and finally reaches the small and secluded fishing village of Cadaques, one of Salvadore Dali’s late hangouts – he has certainly left his mark on this little town.

This itinerary includes several private transfers to enable you to only walk the “best bits” and includes luggage forwarding, so you only have to carry your day-pack.

Quintessential Collioure to Cadaqués

For those with less time available, this 5-day short-break hiking itinerary offers a more condensed version of the 8-day trip. Each day you have the choice of walking along the coast or further up in the hills. Transfers will ensure you only walk the best bits and thus make the most of your time. Your luggage will be forwarded each day. You will be staying in comfortable and authentic small hotels and two gourmet dinners are included.

Cathar Country Explorations – From Foix to Collioure

Discover the legacy of the Cathars, an old Gnostic sect that once dominated this region. A peaceful religious order that did not conform to the Catholic Doctrine – it’s followers paid dearly for their beliefs. In a bloody crusade (Albigensian Crusade) launched against them early in the 13th century, they were wiped out in a series of sieges. But the Cathar spirit lives on and their legacy remains for all to see in the impressive castle ruins they left behind. The fortresses they had built high above the valleys like eagle’s nest are truly impressive and history becomes quite tangible from this vantage point. 

In order to provide you with the best experience, you will be transferred between some sections, and end the journey in Collioure, the legendary artist village on the Mediterranean. Your luggage will also be forwarded each day so you only have to carry your daypack.

The Magic of Aragon

Aragon is a truly enchanting kingdom, a world unto itself, full of surprises (natural and man-made) and contrasts. Stunning, pink cliffs rising a sheer 1,000 feet above you, ancient hermitages cut into the rock, hidden shepherds’ huts; panoramic views of the Ebro plain and the High Pyrenees mountains; an abandoned village; a Roman bridge; a lovely waterfall…and the list goes on. There is so much to discover!

Your luggage will be forwarded so you only need to carry your day-pack.

Culture and ‘Camino’ – Guernica, Guggenheim & much more

A 5d/4n coastal walking holiday in Green Spain, partly following the historic Camino de Santiago. Each day there are highlights: Getaria and the Balenciaga museum on your arrival day; dinosaur fossils and 14,000-year-old cave paintings the next day; the Guernica museum and UNESCO wetlands the next; and finally a magical island hermitage and the Guggenheim – plus an evening of tapas in Bilbao!

Your luggage will be forwarded from one hotel to the next, so you only have to carry your daypack.

Meandering through the Basque Country – From the Mountains to the Sea

Walking on ancient footpaths and drovers’ tracks through the foothills of the Atlantic Pyrenees is the most pleasurable way to explore the green and gentle landscapes of the Basque Country. Discover traditional red-and-white villages and the Basque talent for great food and hospitality.  It includes sections of the GR10,  but has been customized. You start at the ancient pilgrimage town of St Jean Pied de Port and head through unspoiled hills and verdant valleys, and picturesque traditional Basque villages down to the Atlantic, to Saint Jean de Luz.

The Best Of The Pyrenees Coast-to-Coast In 2 Weeks

Walk the length of the Pyrenees, all the highlights on foot with private transfers in between. The Atlantic to the Med in 2 comfortable and rewarding weeks is a walking holiday that is sure to create memories which you will always treasure. This is a vehicle assisted condensed version of the legendary GR10. Every day there are options to make this walk more or less challenging, depending on your endurance and preferences. But no matter which option you choose, the route is packed with natural and cultural highlights.

The Cerdagne Circuit – a journey through the French Catalonian Pyrenees

Begin jour journey on the Mediterranean influenced Cerdagne plateau – usually plenty of sunshine, but never too hot. Discover traditional villages, unspoiled river valleys, and ancient churches before arriving in a region populated with lonely lakes. A most enjoyable and satisfying circular journey. This region is off the beaten track, a quiet and serene place to commune with nature. The Cerdagne is known among Botanists for its great variety of plant-life. 

Discover the Heart of the Pyrenees

Although sometimes challenging (but always rewarding), this walk offers so many highlights and so much variety! Walk along ancient paths until reaching the most magnificent highlight of any Pyrenean journey, the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Cirque du Gavarnie. There are astounding cliffs rising to 10,000 feet, and numerous waterfalls – the Grand Cascade shoots out of the cliff face before falling over 1,400 feet to the ground below. High-quality accommodation, with one unforgettable night in the highest mountain refuge in the Pyrenees. This itinerary includes several private transfers to enable you to only walk the “best bits”. Your luggage will be forwarded from one hotel to the next.

The Best Of The High Pyrenees: From Lourdes To The Stars

This vehicle assisted 8-day walk takes in all the best highlights of the high Pyrenees National Park and the UNESCO site of the Cirque du Gavarnie. Since we transfer you from one trailhead to the next you are not bound to a traditional point-to-point route and can take it all in, including the places that are not part of a traditional GR10 itinerary. Although this is in the High Pyrenees, anyone who is reasonably fit and used to walking will find that this is one of their most memorable walking holidays ever – for all the best reasons.
You also stay in good-quality, authentic hotels, so your creature comforts are well taken care of. 


Exploring the High Pyrenees

This itinerary is for the more experienced walkers with some quite challenging climbs, although, anybody who is reasonably fit should be able to manage these walks. This is not a point-to-point hike, but rather, a more in-depth exploration of some of the most fabulous sites in the heart of the Pyrenees, on both the Spanish and French sides. In order to give you plenty of time to explore each micro-area in detail, you will not change hotels every night. Shuttles will take you to the trailheads.

From Mount Canigou To The Med

Beginning with a 1,000-year-old abbey and ending at the home of Salvador Dali, you travel through centuries of human history, art, and culture, but also experience natural wonders including a wonderful range of landscapes from mountains and unspoiled plains to the ruggedly beautiful Mediterranean coast. You can also contrast French hospitality and cuisine with that of Spain – or, as many prefer to call it, Catalonia. A truly excellent itinerary, with many cultural and natural highlights.

Discover the wilder side of the Pyrenees (Spain)

A dazzling region of mountains and lakes, fabulous for nature lovers, botanists, and birders. The Spanish side of the Pyrenees is as a fairly well-kept secret, much less visited than the French side, and thus, fewer roads and fewer signs of civilization, which all adds up to a superb nature experience in Western Europe. This terrain is quite rugged and some of the walks are challenging, so it is best suited to experienced hikers with good endurance levels.