How to get around Belize?

How to Get Around Belize?

Belize is small, but its road network is not well-developed (although there have been some improvements). Many roads are not paved and turn into washed-out river beds after the rainy season. Poor road conditions and inadequate signage beyond the Hummingbird Highway make self-drive impractical.  



We don’t offer self-drives in Belize. Transfer services between the airport and hotels are available for tourists using comfortable vehicles. These are often also used for excursions.


By bus:

Basic bus services run throughout the country, but services and schedules change frequently. Always ask locally for current information. The regular local buses are worn-out old US school buses (need I say more?). But more comfortable coaches are available for long-distance rides. 


By air:

Inexpensive hopper flights connect with airstrips all over the country. Hotels offer a Meet and Greet service and will pick you up and return you to the local airstrip, or take you directly to another destination.

Domestic Flights are handled by Tropic Air (TA) and Maya Island Air (MIA).


To get to the Cayes:

To go to Ambergris Caye, take a short flight, or jump on the water taxi, which leaves from the pier in Belize City. (All Cayes are serviced by water taxi.) To reach the southern Cayes, travel to Dangriga and take a water taxi from there.