How to get to Belize ?

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Getting to Belize by Air

Most people arrive in Belize by air. For a small country, Belize is amazingly well-connected – at least with North American destinations. Its tiny international airport (Philip Goldson International Airport, BZE), receives international flights from the USA, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama.

The airport is only a short drive from the centre of Belize City (about 20 minutes) but there are no bus services.
Some domestic flights also depart from the international airport, but others leave from the domestic airport (Belize City Municipal Airport, TZE), which is located almost in Belize City itself.

International visitors must pay a departure tax when departing from BZE, but sometimes this fee is already included in your ticket price. Do check closely.


Getting to Belize From By Road

You can enter Belize from Mexico at the southern Yucatan border crossing of Chetumal. There are international bus services between the two countries, but services and schedules change frequently.


Another option is to travel to Belize from Guatemala. The border crossing is at Melchor de Mencos / Benque Viejo del Carmen in the Cajo District. This is a good option when combining a visit to Tikal or Flores with a trip to Belize. Private transfers are available, and we can organize complete packages that cover both countries, according to your schedule. (Drop us a line at info @

A public bus also connects the two countries.