Tahuayo Lodge

The northwestern corner of the Amazon basin often referred to as the “green paradise” of the Amazon forest, is home to several exceptional national parks and reserves, which offer some of the best wildlife viewing experiences to be found in the Amazon.

One of the most interesting reserves of the region is Tamshiyacu Reserve, which is a unique pocket of biodiversity. During the last ice age, which had turned much of what is now covered by the Amazon rainforest into dry savannah, this little corner remained forested (known as Pleistocene refugia), which is probably the reason why even to this day it is home to a number of endemic species that can be found nowhere else in the world. The reserve’s mammal diversity has been proven to be the greatest of any region in all of the Amazon, while the number of primate species is the highest of any protected park or reserve in the world. Scientists studying birds, amphibians, and plants have found the respective species assemblages to be “outstanding, unusual and exceptional”.

The reserve is managed with one of the most innovative conservation programs in the Amazon. It is the only program that enlists the collaboration of natives living downriver to subscribe to game management goals set by conservation managers. Fundraising for the conservation program is operated by the Rainforest Conservation Fund. Tahuayo Lodge is a major financial donor of the Fund as well as working to reinforce the goals of conservation among the local communities.


Tahuayo Lodge has various types of accommodations, some large family cabins with private bathroom, standard rooms, also with private bathrooms, as well as some simple student accommodations with shared bathrooms. The rate is always the same, no matter which type of accommodations you choose, although groups may receive a discount, depending on their size.


Linked to the lodge is also a research station, Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge (ARC), which was specifically set up to provide researchers, and their students, facilities,  where they can conduct field research in the pristine environment of the lodge. Regular visitors can also use the facilities of the research station in order to get a broader perspective of this unique environment, as the location gives access to a different ecosystem than the main lodge. Take advantage of the trail grid, which is the largest scientific trail grid offered in the Amazon. This trail grid spans over 1000 acres and covers 4 separate ecosystems, making it more remote pristine forest, and offering a greater diversity of wildlife.


Tahuayo is probably the most flexible lodge in the Amazon when it comes to scheduling your activities. The reason for this is that they provide a private guide for each guest and a range of activities to choose from, each day. Your guide will help you design a program that suits your interests and your pace. The minimum number of days you should plan for is 4d/3n. Due to the remote location, shorter programs make no sense at this lodge. But beyond that, it is up to you how long you want to stay. To make the most of this amazing lodge with its two fantastic sites and different environments, an 8-day stay is the best option – or longer if you can!

Canopy Experience

strapped into a rapeller’s harness, attached by carabiners to a rope as well as a tandem zip line of stainless steel aircraft cables, you are able to travel through the air from one tree giant to another.


Explore the different eco-systems around the lodges looking for birds with our expert native bird guides.


Immersing oneself in the forest while hiking through the different eco-systems around Tahuayo Lodge and the extensive trail system around the research center is one of the most amazing activities in this remote Amazon location.

Nature Photography

Capture the essence of the Amazon on your camera – there are endless opportunities.

Pink River Dolphins

Pink River Dolphins are a special, rare and endemic species of dolphins which can be observed around the lodge

Jungle Survival

For the most adventurous clients, Tahuayo Lodge offers a special treat: learn about jungle survival from your local guide who will take you on an overnight camping trip. Learn how to construct a  simple shelter, find food, and which plants to use for medicine and much more.

Lake Swimming

Take a refreshing dip in the lake.


Glide silently through the jungle – a great way to discover wildlife up close.

Primate Search

The area around the Tahuayo Research Station is a rich primate habitat and many different species can be observed here.

Anaconda Search

The mighty Anaconda is one of the most formidable species of the rainforest. Despite its size, it can be quite elusive. With the help of the native guides you might be able to track it down.

Piranha Fishing

Piranhas have a fierce reputation, and fishing for the is a special thrill.

Night Hike

The rainforest comes to life at night and there is nothing more enigmatic than a night walk, listening to the  unfamiliar sounds and tracking nocturnal species.


Most large animals are hard to see in the rainforest. Most of the action is in the canopy, far away from the forest floor. But bugs are omnipresent and an important part of the ecosystem.


As humid sort of habitat, the Amazon is rich in amphibians. There are hundreds of frog species, including the tiny, neon-colored poison dart frogs.


Rise early to catch the most magical part of the day – sunrise in the jungle. The morning concert is a riotous experience, not to mention the dawn colors and spectacular atmosphere.


Learn about native Amazonian fish and fishing techniques. Not your standard fly-fishing excursion.

Rates in 2019

Tahuayo Lodge has one of the most flexible set-ups available in the Amazon. Arrive any day, depart any day and stay as many days as suits your schedule. The only thing is – it is not worth staying for less than 4 days due to the remoteness of the lodges. If you want to stay for a time period that differs from the one below, please ask for pricing

Tahuayo Lodge is located in the Amazon Basin, on the shores of the Tahuayo River, a tributary to the Amazon. Access is via Iquitos, a bustling hub, and former rubber boom town. It takes about 4 hours by speedboat to reach the lodge from Iquitos.

Thus, it is important to catch an early flight (must arrive before midday) or spend the night prior to your visit in Iquitos. You will be met either at the airport or at your hotel.

Likewise, it is important to book a late/afternoon flight out of Iquitos for your return.


  • Lodge accommodations
  • All scheduled land and river transportation
  • All transfers
  • All scheduled excursions with English-speaking guide
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary, B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner.
  • WiFi


  • International or domestic airfares,
  • Airport departure taxes or visa fees
  • Excess baggage charges,
  • Additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations
  • Alcoholic beverages, bottled water, or snacks,
  • Insurance of any kind,
  • Extras such as:
    Phone calls,
    Radio calls or messages,
    Reconfirmation of flights
    and items of personal nature.

What is the climate like?

The Amazon Basin is generally hot and humid. However, it has a wet and a dry season. The wet season lasts from approximately October through to May. During this time the adjacent low-lying rainforest becomes inundated. The dry season (it can still rain!) is from June through September. During this season (winter!) there can be occasional cold snaps as cold fronts come down from the mountains.


What clothes should I wear in the jungle?

We simply recommend rain gear, short and long-sleeved shirts and pants, a hat with a brim and a bathing suit. To be any more specific would be self-defeating because people have such great individual differences in what they feel is appropriate.  For footwear in the forest though, you will be required to wear the boots that we provide to you. Bringing your own jungle footwear could introduce microscopic soil microbes that could harm our ecosystems. Most people like to have long socks to wear in our boots.

Traveling with children

We have lots of children visit, from ages 6-17. At no extra cost, you can have your itinerary customized to include activities your children will enjoy. Families are assigned private guides who have experience working with children. Family cabins include two-story cabins, each floor with a private bath, or large single room cabins for very young children, in our main lodge, and two-room cabins at our research center. A list of references from families that have recently brought children the same age as your children can be emailed to you upon request.  Children receive a 25% discount on the cost of their trip.


We are more than just a tourism business. Although we focus on offering the best experience for tourists in the Amazon, our true mission is the preservation of the region around us. In order to protect the immense biodiversity contained within this area, our efforts are geared both towards the aid of indigenous and ecological communities.
The indigenous people have a truly beautiful culture and way of life, but the addition of schools, clinics, and economic initiatives help them to advance without having to damage the ecosystems around them. 

Angels of the Amazon

We have long provided aid to reciprocate the kindness, conservation ethic and assistance provided to us by the indigenous people of the Tahuayo River. To this end, Tahuayo Lodge’s director Dolly Arevalo Beaver incorporated a non-profit organization, Angels of the Amazon (AOA), recognized by the (US) IRS as a legal non-profit. AOA has managed to raise funds to provide substantial support for the local communities. The aid provided can be categorized into three major spheres: medical and health care, educational assistance and economic programs.