Manu Park Camp

Manu boasts the highest bird, mammal, and plant diversity of any park on Earth, including 1,000 of the world’s 9,700 bird species, 200 species of mammals, and 15,000 species of flowering plants. The most photogenic spectacles are frolicking Giant Otters, 1,000 parrots and macaws at a riverbank clay lick, dancing Cock-of-the-Rock, habituated monkeys, and huge Lowland Tapirs at a forest clay lick.


The Lodge

Manu Park Wildlife Center or Albergue Machiguenga is a simple but comfortable low-impact lodge located inside the Manu Park Wildlife Center. Nestled almost invisibly in the forest, it lies just across the river from the trail to Manu’s prime wildlife viewing location, Cocha (Lake) Salvador. This is the largest and most beautiful of the 13 oxbow lakes of the Manu River.

Our Manu Park Wildlife Center or Albergue Machiguenga features spacious double-occupancy room-size tents with hinged, lockable doors and solid wooden floors. Each tent measures 16.5x10x7 feet (5x3x2.2m), and all are fully screened, with a floor raised on wooden stilts to provide maximum ventilation and coolness, and protection from flooding and insects. A palm thatch roof shelter overhead completes the structure. Each of the extra-long twin beds has a mosquito net.

Our camp in Manu Park also features an elevated, screened dining room with wooden floor and private hot-water showers and flush toilets.

Rates in 2020

Based on double occupancy. For single or triple rates, please inquire.


Manu Adventure Safari 5d/4n

Operates March – November.

Visit the Manu National Park to see Giant Otters and lots of wildlife along the meandering Manu River. At Manu Wildlife Center and it’s macaw clay lick, the tapir lick, our canopy platform, and trails to enjoy some more rainforest surprises.

Manu Explorer 6d/5n

Operates March – November:

Leave Cusco by private bus and explore the complete transect from the highlands to the jungle lowlands. In the cloud forest, we visit the Cock-of-the-Rock display ground. In the Manu National Park the program features the wildlife along the meandering Manu River and the Salvador oxbow lake and its Giant River Otters.

Tapirs & Macaws 7d/6n

Operates March – November:

Leave Cusco by private bus and explore the complete transect from the highlands to the jungle lowlands. Attractions include the Cock-of-the-Rock in the cloud forest, the Manu Oxbow lakes featuring the Giant River Otters, Manu Wildlife Center’s Macaw Clay Lick Project, the Tapir lick, a canopy platform and trail system for more wildlife observation.

Manu & Beyond 6d/5n

Operates March – November:

One fixed departure per week starting Wednesdays and returning Mondays. .In this program we explore the pristine nature around Pakitza, looking for more wildlife, mammals, caimans, birds. Starts and ends in Puerto Maldonado.