New Long Distance Trail in Chile

A brand new, really, really long distance trail has just been inaugurated in Chile. Known as ‘the route of the Parks’ it sets out to join no less than 17 National Parks that will protect valuable, precious natural habitat for some of Chile’s most vulnerable species while bringing visitors and revenue to the outback communities in this sparsely settled region of the country. 

To Outdoor aficionados of all stripes, it is no secret that Chile is one of the best hiking destinations on the planet! The long Andean chain, which forms the spine of the country, is an amazingly diverse mountain range, stretching 4000km north to south. From the driest desert mountains in the far north to the stark rocky pinnacles of Torres del Paine, Chile is a showcase for different types of mountain terrain.

And now this glorious new trail! Although the new trail ‘only’ covers the southern half of the country that will still amount to 2800km, From Puerto Montt to Cape Horn. This is not just spectacular. This is epic!

Get a taste of it: